Kumo  [Y-K 04]

Kumo [Y-K 04]


Dimmable T10 LED replacement 80w(8w)/120v x2, Clear electrical cord/plug/In-line on/off switch. Created with Craig Yamamoto’s work in wood.

Yuri’s lighting and Craig’s woodworking first crossed paths in 2010 when the Momiji restaurant was being built on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Yuri provided the unique lighting for the restaurant and Craig built most of the custom wood furniture. This collaboration led to additional installations in Umisake and Matsu (formerly Girin) restaurants.

In spring of 2019 Yuri thought of creating a line of residential lighting fixtures using her unique paper lamp shades combined with wood bases that Craig would make. The goal was to create unique warm and playful lamps using natural materials.

For more about Craig, see: https://www.craigyamamoto.com/

  • Dimensions (inches)

    L28”x W10”xH20”
  • Material

    Bamboo fiber, Cherry wood, Brass