The image is of the interior of the Kyoto Art and Antiques Warehouse. In it you would see carvings, beautiful tansus with metalwork, old iron lanterns, and so much more.



Website shopping opens on Thursday, October 29th at 11am (PST) and closes on Sunday, November 8th.

New items added daily at 11am. Product photos will not be visible until the show opens on October 29th. 

Please pick up your purchased items before November 10th.




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  • All measurements are in inches. It is helpful to have a tape measure nearby to see the dimensions of an item.

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  • Payment is via the website only. Debit and credit cards accepted. All information is private, protected, and secure.

  • We refund tax for wholesalers who provide a copy of a current Reseller Permit with UBI number. Please send by email or bring a photocopy at the time of pickup.

  • You’ll receive confirmation of your purchase by email.

  • We'll collect your items in our warehouse and hold them until you pick up.


Pick up

  • We are not shipping items, but you are welcome to arrange your own shipping.

  • We will notify you via email when your order is ready to be picked up.

  • Pick up orders at our Georgetown warehouse from 11am-6pm before November 10th. If you need to make special arrangements, let us know.

  • Please bring all of the confirmation emails you have received, if possible, so that we know how many orders you will be picking up.

  • When parking at our warehouse, please place our postcard on your dashboard. If you don't have a card, you can ask us for one at the cash register.


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